Me You BBQ



Do you have an allergen guide?

We do!


Is your meat Halal?

Unfortunately, it’s not.


When can I do the Smoke BBQ Man vs Food Challenge and what does it consist of?

You can book in for the Man Vs Food Challenge between 12noon-7pm on Monday to Thursday, and 12noon-6pm on Fridays. You get a 4-patty burger topped with brisket, pulled pork, cheese & onion strings, along with half a kilo of chips, a pot of slaw, a corn bread muffin and 2 pints of ice-cream milkshake. For more info, give your chosen restaurant a call. Good luck!


What are “barrel tables”?

Some of our tables are barrel tables – tall tables that have high backed bar stools around them that might not be suitable for all guests.


Do you have a kids menu?

We do!


What is the largest table you can accommodate?

24. Due to the configuration of our restaurant you may be seated on 2 or more separate tables that are adjacent to each other.


Do you do takeaways and what are the options if so?

We offer a delivery service through Deliveroo. Our takeaway menu can be found at


Do you do anything special for birthdays?

Yes. We offer the birthday guest a complimentary birthday cocktail/mocktail.


How long are your timeslots for bookings?

Tables for up to 5 guests are re-booked after 1 and a half hours. Tables of 5 guests and more are re-booked after 2 hours.


Do you have disabled access?

Our restaurants are situated on one level. However, some tables may be unsuitable for guests with disabilities.


Is it advisable to book a table?

We’d say so, yes. Our restaurant gets extremely busy so booking is advised.


Do you cater for vegetarians and vegans?

We offer a sweet potato and corn burger (vegetarian) and a fiery bean chilli (suitable for vegans). All our sides are suitable for vegetarians too.